Selected Installations


Our farms are currently networked across the NY Metro Area, and we're expanding across the United States.


Turnkey Retail Installations



An automated Minifarm in the specialty section of one of the the busiest grocery stores in the country.

40-140 lbs/week


Whole foodS: NJ

An automated Minifarm in the produce aisle providing hyperlocal mushrooms.

30-120 lbs/week


kimchee Market/Dokebi

Seasonal market installation in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Mushrooms used for restaurant and sale.

20-30 lbs/week

Custom/Restaurant Installations

Bunker Vietnamese

Front-of-house installation at Brooklyn's best Vietnamese restaurant.

20-60 lbs/week

Mission ChinesE

Custom installation in one of NYC's most progressive Chinese restaurants.

30-40 lbs/week

The Standard hotel

An automated, custom Minifarm above the bar at Standard Hotel’s East Village cafe.

30-40 lbs/week


Maison YAKI

An automated, custom Minifarm above the counter at a yakitori restaurant in Prospect Heights.

30-40 lbs/week


We also sell mushrooms.


Our mushrooms are featured in some of the best markets and restaurants in NYC. Email for our product list and pricing.