Current Installations

Mission Chinese Custom Installation

A custom Minifarm built to match the world-famous creative aesthetic of Mission Chinese in NYC.

Believe it or not, this farm is capable of producing over 30 pounds of stunningly tasty exotic mushrooms.

Bun-Ker Vietnamese

Our first customer, Bun-Ker the "best Pho-king Vietnamese Food" in Brooklyn, uses a Smallhold Minifarm to supply a 75 seat restaurant and bar, market stall and storefront with the freshest blue oysters and shiitakes in New York City. 

North Brooklyn Produce Hub

An upcycled shipping container outfitted with 5 of the latest versions of our Minifarms.

Converted to supply a 1/4 mile radius with the freshest produce possible, the Produce Hub provides restaurants/stores and more with a steady supply of gourmet mushrooms.

Waste Reclamation with Meyers USA/Great Northern

In August 2016, Meyers USA (of Noma repute) approached us with a novel concept to turn the biowaste from their NYC projects (Great Northern, Agern, Meyers Bageri) into consumable produce for the patrons of their restaurants. Specifically, we began growing King Oyster mushrooms on their spent coffee grounds.

Waste > Substrate > Mushrooms > Mouths!

Smallhold Labs

Based out of a warehouse and reclaimed shipping containers, the Smallhold Lab serves as our central headquarters and distribution center, providing New York City with our subscription produce daily. It also serves as a manufacturing facility for our Minifarms and R&D center for new projects.