Distributed Farming

One Farm, Distributed Throughout an Entire Urban Landscape

Minifarm Technology

Smallhold Networked Minifarms are 100% climate-controlled vertical farms. They employ the latest in agricultural technology, applying advanced lighting and water recirculation to high-density growth chambers.

The result? 40 times the output per square foot of a traditional farm with 96% less water usage.

Minifarms fit in small spaces and are outfitted with wifi, allowing growers back at Smallhold Headquarters to monitor and control the chamber from afar. This means Smallholders get all of the benefits of a modern farm but only have to take care of the best task: Picking and serving the produce.

Produce Subscriptions

By growing produce 3/4 of the way and then distributing it out to Networked Minifarms, we're able to maintain strict quality control, increase farm productivity and keep the space required for each onsite Minifarm down.

We are also able to focus our energy on using the best ingredients and equipment to make each crop: quality local sawdust, nutrients, lab equipment and sterilization tools and love.

How Distributed Farming Works

Smallhold distributes farm space throughout urban environments. Much like a traditional nursery, we grow crops through their beginning stages and then spread the last growth stage out to our customers. The result means fresher produce for everyone, and efficiencies that make urban farming less expensive and more practical.

Let's grow some food together.

Smallhold is looking for partnerships with forward-thinking chefs and business owners looking to get fresh, high-quality local produce into more people's mouths.